Uuden Iin Sanomat (New Ii Post)

What happened on June 2-18 in Ii? Anything and everything! Hardcore lawnmowing and drama with the pressure washer? Scoops and hobby-horses? Sympathy between humans and fish? Nothing is certain – except that nothing happened, and everything happened.

As a part of the Valto Pernu Photo Marathon, Touko Hujanen’s community art project Uuden Iin Sanomat will see the light of the day. The project’s theme is “Whoever is living in Ii?”

Uuden iin sanomat is a two week long local newspaper and community art project in KulttuuriKauppila in Ii. Photo journalist Touko Jujanen moved to KulttuuriKauppila premises in June 2017, started a local newspaper and created the Uuden Iin Sanomat newspaper art installation. The work is a local artnewspaper – a gallery of people living in Ii and their stories.

The project will be revealed on Valto Pernu Photo Marathon award gala on Saturday 26th August, and the exhibition will be open to public in KulttuuriKauppial art centre on 28th August – 8. September, Mon-Fri 12-17.

Touko Hujanen is a photo journalist specialized in reportage. He received his Master’s Degree in Social Science from the University of Tampere in 2012. He is the press photographer of the year 2011 and the young press photographer of the year 2009. His long-term photo reportages have addressed for example Columbian civil war, Santa Claus, and the Nevada desert. Hujanen works for The New York Times and Raymond, among others, is the founder of photographers’ 11 collective and designs publications. Hujanen’s creation, art piece in the form of a newspaper “Uuden Maan Sanomat” consists of photos from his random journey around Finland.