Janne Körkkö from Oulu won the 1000€ award for the best photo series in Valto Perno Photo Marathon 2013. The black-and-white series was chosen among the 40 high quality photo series. “Black-and-white eliminates everything extra from the photo, leaving just the essentials: the story”, says Körkkö. According to the jury, the photographer’s personal style can be clearly identified from every picture. The series, where there is a person in every photo, is consistently strong from the first photo to the last one. Photographer Körkkö, who comes from Yli-Ii, is interested in the unceasing construction of photography. He started his career painting pictures with light and fire – it was only later that he has found the documentary aspect of taking photos.

The photo marathon jury consisted of photographer Sami Kero, Freelance photographer and the marathon’s artistic director Antti J. Leinonen and the founding member of KulttuuriKauppila, visual artist Helena Kaikkonen.

The assignments of the 2013 photo marathon:
Tehtävä 1. Forest
Tehtävä 2. Market
Tehtävä 3. Portrait (of someone you don’t already know)
Tehtävä 4. Tradition
Tehtävä 5. Waves
Tehtävä 6. Hermit

Photographer Janne Körkkö from Oulu has won the Valto Pernu Photo Marathon main award for the best photo series.

Photographer Vesa ranta was awarded for the best individual photo representing the spirit of Ii. He also won the marathon’s audience award.

The best individual photo award was given to photographer Samuli Ikäheimo from Lahti.

Jury gave a honorary mention to photographer Heta Kaisto, who lives in Helsinki but originally comes from Ii.