Valto Pernu Photo Marathon was organised for the first time in the autumn of 2011. At that time, the marathon’s jury consisted of the award-winning photographer Vesa Ranta, photographer Jarmo Kontiainen from newspaper Kaleva, and the marathon’s artistic director, photographer Antti J. Leinonen from Ii. 32 photographers from all over Finland took part in the competition. The winner of the main award for the best photo series was Pietari Vanhala from Riihimäki.

The assignments of the 2015 photo marathon:
1. The beginning
2. Disappearing time
3. Human being
4. “Volokista pitkällä silimällä”
5. Reception
6. Twilight zone

Photographer Pietari Vanhala won the main award of Valto Pernu Photo Marathon for the best photo series.

Juha Kalaoja won the award for the best photo series representing the spirit of Ii.

The jury also awarded Juha Kalaoja, Ada Haaranen, Janne Rajala, Taneli Rantakokko and Reetta Martikainen for their best individual photographs.

Ada Haaranen

Janne Rajala

Reetta Martikainen

Taneli Rantakokko

Anna Anttila won the audience award, where people could vote for their favourite on newspaper Kaleva’s website.