17-year old Kyösti Keränen won the 2015 Valto Pernu Photo Marathon with his photo series. The jury was unanimous in their decision. Several professional photograpers throughout Finlad took part in the competition. According to the jury, there were many excellent individual photos, but Keränen’s series was the best and most complete compilation.

“Keränen skillfully combines both black-and-white and colored photos. The series is strong, full of feeling, and quite clearly a whole, from which it would be difficult to leave out one single photo”, the jury states. Keränen participated the photo marathon for the first time, and plans to use the award money on new camera equipment.

Jari Mattila from Oulu won the award of the best individual photo, and Seppo Rajala, also from Oulu, took the best photo representing the spirit of Ii. Also honorable mentions The jury was photographers Aki Pekka Sinikoski, Antti J. Leinonen and Arto Liiti.

The assignments of the 2015 photo marathon:
Tehtävä 1. Yellow
Tehtävä 2. Touch
Tehtävä 3. Simplicity
Tehtävä 4. Kiss
Tehtävä 5. Traces
Tehtävä 6. Away from the light

Award winners:

The best photo series of 2015: Kyösti Keränen, Ii
Award: 1000 € scholarship by Valto Pernu foundation

The best photo representing the spirit of Ii, 2015: Seppo Rajala, Oulu
Award: 300 € scholarship by Ii Municipality

The best individual photograph of 2015: Jari Mattila, Oulu
Award: 150€ scholarship by KulttuuriKauppila, product bag from Digitarvike

The first honorable mention 2015: Suvi Siltala, Haukipudas
Award: product bag from Digitarvike

The second honorable mention 2015: Kimmo Pentti, Jääli
Award: product bag from Digitarvike

The fastest and most stylish undressing: Janne Körkkö, Oulu
Award: Gift voucher to Kärkkäinen department store

The sourface of 2015
Award: Gift voucher to Nelosgrilli

The cutest photo of 2015
Award: product bag from Digitarvike