The jury

Eivind Natvig

Eivind H. Natvig is a visual artist and an award-winning photographer based in northern Norway. Following years of editorial work, both in at home and abroad, he has concentrated more and more of his energy on personal narratives, resulting in books and exhibitions in galleries and museums around the world. Natvig sees photography as a means of discovering new points of view and a tool for conveying the experiences common to all humankind. Project “You Are Here Now” and the following publication emerged from an extended road trip during a period of self-imposed homelessness. Natvig lived on the couches of strangers throughout Norway creating a project riddled with juxtapositions.

Currently Natvig is working on one project in the Middle East and one in his adopted island home of Lofoten. He is managing director of Moment Agency, represented by INSTITUTE Artist and 1968 as well as Leica ambassador and artistic director of Lofoten International Photo Festival.

Miikka Pirinen is a professional photographer based in Helsinki Finland. Specialised in shooting people, he works freelance with photojournalism, portraits, editorial and commercial assignments. He is a member of collectives 11 and Helsinki Street. His work has been published and exhibited in Europe, The U.S. and China. His personal documentary projects have dealt with Finnish criminal sanction system, North American cage fighting children, Finnish rare diseases, rehabilitation of the mentally unstable in Helsinki and drought in Kenya and the Maasai, among many others. Currently Pirinen is working on a book in which the great environmental issues of our time are surveyed through Norwegian oil drillers, American coal miners, German lignite miners and Finnish peat harvesters.

Klara Bergman Fröberg is a Swedish visual artist, who is Artist-in-Residence at KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre as part of the Lähde! Empowering daily life with art -project and artist exchange arranged in partnership with Konst I Halland. In her work, Bergman Fröberg explores the crossovers between destruction and resurrection by, for example, creating installations from found and recycled materials such as wood, porcelain, plastic materials, ropes, metal scraps and discarded furniture. Bergman Fröberg has studied at the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and in addition to the sculptural work she works with sound in search for lost sentences and language as forms of captured memories of an already forgotten past.