Rules of the competition

  1. Name of the competition
    • The name of the competition is Valto Pernu Photo Marathon.
    • The competition is organized by KulttuuriKauppila art centre.
    • The competition will take place in Northern Ostrobothnia, Ii Municipality. It is a photo marathon, where the competitors move around on their bicycles just like the photographer Valto Pernu used to do. The competition lasts for 12 hours, during which time the participants will complete six (6) assignments designed by the competition jury. The best six photo series selected by the jury will win the competition.
    • The competition is open to everyone.
  2. The competition centre
    • The competition centre will be located in KulttuuriKauppila art centre, Kauppilantie 15, 91100 Ii.
  3. Competition photographs
    • The photograph must be taken by the competitor.
    • The photograph must be taken during each assignment.
    • Competition photographs must not be edited after it is taken.
    • If the photograph portrays a person in a private location, their permission is needed for publishing the photograph.
    • The photograph must not be insulting or derogatory.
  4. Cameras and memory cards
    • The competitors must use a digital camera only.
    • The competitors cannot use a smartphone camera.
    • The competitors are asked to bring their own memory cards. The memory cards must be erased before the competition starts.
  5. The assignments and submitting the photographs
    • Each assignment is handed out in the competition centre, which is located in KulttuuriKauppila art centre.
    • Each assignment photo must be returned to the competition centre before the next assignment begins.
    • The photographs must be in jpg format and as high quality as possible
  6. Rights to use the photographs
    • The competitors own the material rights to their photos.
    • The organizer reserves the right to publish the award-winning photographs when presenting the results, and to use the photographs in the marketing and communication of the event without a separate compensation.
    • The award-winning photographs can be published by third parties in relation to marketing and communications of the event, for example in a newspaper article
    • Competition sponsors may have a print version of the winning photograph. The photos are not delivered to sponsors in digital format.
    • Ii municipality reserves the right to use the photograph that wins the best photo representing the spirit of Ii award (300 €) in its own marketing and communications. The municipality will not relinquish the photo to a third party. If there is a person pictured in in the photo, it is the responsibility of Ii municipality to agree on the use of the photograph with that person
    • It is forbidden to relinquish the photographs to any other third parties.
    • The organizer is not allowed to edit, crop or in any way change the content of the photographs.
  7. Jury and reviews
    • The competition photographs will be reviewed by the Valto Pernu Photo Marathon jury.
    • The jury will review the photos anonymously, without any information on the photographer.
    • There will be no extra points scored for completing the assignments quickly.
    • The photographer who has the best photo series will win the competition.
  8. Awards
    • The best photo series will be awarded with 1000 € by Valto Pernu foundation.
    • The best photo representing the spirit of Ii is awarded with 300 € by the municipality of Ii, which also reserves the right to use the winning photograph in their communications and marketing.
    • The best individual photo is awarded with 150 € by KulttuuriKauppila art centre.
    • Additional honorable mentions and product prizes will also be handed out.
  9. Bicycles
    • The competitors will move around by bicycles.
    • The competitors will bring their own bikes.
    • If it is impossible to bring a bike, the organizer will try and find a bike for the competitor to borrow. Anyone who needs to borrow a bike must state this when registering for the competition.
  10. Insurance
    • The organizer does not have an insurance covering the competitors or their equipment. The competitors should make sure to have a valid casualty insurance. In case of an accident, call 112.