Friday, 25th August 2017
8.30 Competitors convene in KulttuuriKauppila (Kauppilantie 15, Ii)
9.00–21.00 Valto Pernu Photo Marathon 2017.
Valto Pernu Photo Marathon is a relaxed, open-for-all photography event combining art and documentary photography. The fourth annual Photo Marathon will take place on 25-26 August 2017. For 12 hours, the participants ride their bikes around Ii municipality taking photos according to the assignments handed out by the judges.

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from 21 onwards Sauna, snacks and refreshments for the Valto Pernu Photo Marathon participants
Saturday 26th August 2017
9.00–18.00 The competitors’ photo series on display in KulttuuriKauppila. Everyone is welcome, free admission!
9.00–13.00 Open doors at the home of Valto Pernu. Paintings of Valto Pernu are also on display. Free admission! Address: Asematie 319, 91110 Ii As (2,5km away from KulttuuriKauppila).
11.00–17.00 Workshop by Karoliina Paatos.
In the gentle care of Karoliina Paatos we will find out why some pictures together are stronger than each of them individually. We will go through the competition photos and complete a small photo assignment. The main focus of the workshop however will be on editing, sequencing, rhythm, and building a strong series of photographs. Before the workshop, the participants will choose a series of 10-20 pictures from their competition photos. They can also bring photos from one or two of their earlier projects.

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from 19.00 onwards Award ceremony and publishing of Uuden Iin Sanomat – New Ii Post in Ii community hall.
What happened on June 2-18 in Ii? Anything and everything! Hardcore lawnmowing and drama with the pressure washer? Scoops and hobby-horses? Sympathy between humans and fish? Nothing is certain – except that nothing happened, and everything happened.

Press photographer Touko Hujanen’s newspaper art installation Uuden Iin Sanomat sees the light of day in Valto Pernu Photo Marathon award gala.

The evening will conclude in the selection of the best photo series, which will be awarded with the 1000 € scholarship. Winners of the other competition categories will be announced as well.

Sunday 27th August
12.00–17.00 The competitors’ photo series on display in KulttuuriKauppila. Everyone is welcome, free admission!

Touko Hujanen’s exhibition Uuden Iin sanomat will be held in KulttuuriKauppila on August 28 – September 8, 2017. Opening times Mon-Fri at 12-17.